Ways to Make Your Phone More Secure


Ways to Make Your Phone More Secure

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To most of us, our smartphones are an important tool for helping us run our day to day lives, we use them for everything from doing our shopping to catching up on work tasks, playing games and doing our banking. With all the information we hold on our phones these days, keeping your phone secure is just as important as securing your PC or laptop. Here are our tips to help keep your phone and data secure.

Lock Your Phone
Perhaps the most obvious tip, but enabling your phone to lock itself after a set period of inactivity is the first step in keeping your phone secure. It means that no one can access the device if you leave it unattended and these days, with advances such as fingerprint and facial recognition, locking and unlocking the phone is super simple.

Use Anti-Virus Software
There are a range available, both free and paid for. A popular free option is Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus.

Keep your Apps and OS Up To Date
When you get an update alert, update ASAP rather than clicking ‘later’. It is likely that most updates will also contain the latest security patches help keep your phone safe.

Get your Apps from the Google Play Store
While it’s not impossible for bogus apps to make their way onto the Google Play store, you are much less likely to encounter them than when using unknown and untrusted third party app sources. Plus if you enable Google Play Protect, it will automatically scan the apps for you as you download them.

Uninstall Apps that You Don’t Use
Old, unused apps can provide program doors into your smartphone especially if they have not been updated for a long time.

Use a Virtual Private Network
Free Wifi is a wonderful thing, especially when you are travelling. It is not, however well known for its security, To combat this use a mobile VPN such as F-Secure Freedome VPN or TorGuard.

Manage App Permissions
If downloading your apps from Google Play, it will tell you what permissions an app requires before you install it. Take a good look at this rather than just clicking ok, and ask yourself if the app really needs particular permissions and do you feel comfortable giving them? If not, don’t install it.

Set up Remote Tracking and Wipe
Remote tracking and wipe helps you track down your device if it is lost or stolen and, if necessary, will enable you to wipe the data from it remotely. Device Manager is a free app from the Google Play store that will do this for you. Download it onto your phone and if it is lost or stolen, you can access the app from any web browser when you are signed in to your google account.

Set up an Emergency Contact that is Visible from your Pin Screen
This way if you lose your device and an honest person finds it they will be able to reach you. Also useful in case of accidents.

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