OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T

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It is rumoured that OnePlus will release its next handset (OnePlus 6T), in just months away. Its widely expected to be released in October or November this year, if this is to go with the company’s trend of releasing its new gadgets on a half-yearly basis. Its OnePlus 6 release was a huge success, and was especially popular amongst many users since it managed to match features of some of the most popular smartphones, but with half the price. This is one of the reasons why many are longing to see what this new gadget brings with it. However, there have been rumours going around that this new gadget is that it will not have a headphone jack. Indeed, even the co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei, had an interview with the TechRadar team and confirmed that the next release will not have a headphone jack.

Why there is no headphone jack

One of the reasons OnePlus plans on doing away with the jack is to enhance user experience. According to the company, their aim has always been to produce the best possible smartphone that gives its users a definitive smartphone experience. This as they claim, does not mean having each and every component that can be installed in a smartphone be part of the design of the smartphone. Therefore, their reason for doing away with the jack is to optimize on customer experience. The company also believes that this is the right timing. This is because they believe that most customers have already had experience with using wireless headphones. Although they believe that some customers may have reservations, OnePlus believes that using a wireless headphone is a growing trend, and thus customers will come to appreciate it. Furthermore, OnePlus believes that the positive reaction they got after their launch of Bullet Wireless headphones will translate to customers who purchase this new gadget.

What will be the benefits?

OnePlus claims that they did not stop installing headphone jacks in their phones simply because other were doing it. They did it because they believed it was the right time, and that users will reap huge benefits from the exclusion of the jack. One of the likely benefits is that removing the jack will free up more space and allow them to install new technology. There has been rumours that OnePlus will install a fingerprint display scanner to take advantage of some of the free space left by removing the jack. Regarding battery life, it is widely rumoured that the company will squeeze a larger battery pack to cover some of the available space, or enhance it software to bring better quality battery life. The company understands that some of its customers will feel aggrieved by the lack of a headphone jack. However, they claim they will be adding an adapter to allow users plug in the 3.5mm and use them as they would normally.

How customers may react

Technology is always changing and evolving. Consumers are always likely to be inconvenienced by changes, but this is always to be expected. While other smartphones were doing away with jacks, OnePlus users were comfortable and many will feel betrayed by this decision. This is primarily because OnePlus used the headphone jack feature as one of its primary marketing tools, especially when it was rumoured that Apple would ditch it. Even the CEO of OnePlus conducted a Twitter poll and the jack received overwhelming support. However, since the company believes that this is the right time and that its exclusion will enable the firm to introduce new features as well as enhancing existing ones, it remains to be seen how the new gadget will be received. Some naysayers seem to believe that the space gained by ditching the 3.5 mm jack cannot be considerable enough to allow for a larger battery. If battery life is to be improved, then it might through the software. However, only time will tell if OnePlus has gone in the right direction by ditching the much love headphone jack.

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