Huawei P20 Pro V Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus


Huawei P20 Pro V Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

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Smartphones repeatedly change and evolve and year after year the latest version is released. Big brand names have been ruling the ‘device’ world for a while now and some of them develop rivalries – trying to outdo each other with the top releases. Two of those big brands is the well known Samsung Galaxy and Huawei. Samsung rose the top of the Android smartphone world a while ago and is the ‘elite’ of the mobile device world. Huawei is not at all an underdog, with a powerful company, big dreams and good phones it’s a perfect match for the Samsung.

Huawei and Samsung have both released smartphones – the Huawei P20 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. We will compare their look and capability to decide who wins this battle.


The Huawei P20 Pro brands itself as ‘the photography phone’ which is essential for most who have a device these days. At the higher end of the retail spectrum, the P20 offers a durable battery, brilliant specs and a optimal camera.
The Huawei retails at £799.

Samsung’s sell for the S9 is the bigger screen to aid display and a good camera (that’s usually a good selling point for all smartphones). Big and bold, the S9 has improved on the S8’s flaws. Most would probably consider the S9 due to AR Emoji mode, but in order to grab it you’ll have to swallow the high price.
The Samsung retails at £869


The Huawei features glass and metal, making it stylish and unique. If you like shiny things – this phone is for you. At 6.1 inches it’s a big phone but not made bigger surprisingly by the large battery it has within its body and it’s definitely manageable for everyday use.

The screen is not curved and has the famous iPhone notch that eats into display. It also comes with no jack and you’ll have to use an adaptor which you’ll receive with your purchase in order to use wireless headphones.

Like almost all smartphones, it’s waterproof and can stand water for 30 minutes or so. The phone can be unlocked by both a fingerprint and face recognition.

Samsung also follows suit in design with metal and glass which is obviously on trend at the moment. Their fingerprint scanner as been adjusted according to the S8’s mistake to make it easier to use.

All in all, the S9 isn’t that different from the S8 when it comes to looks. Be warned that the S9 Plus is a huge phone and you’ll have to stretch those fingers to reach the entire screen with one hand.

Samsung has not abandoned the headphone jack or the memory card slot, so you’re in luck if you prefer things the old fashioned way.

Huawei P20 Pro

If you’re looking for a long battery life, incredible camera and a phone that can unlock with a glimpse of your face then the Huawei is the device for you. But be prepared to accept the fact you can’t charge wirelessly, and can’t use wired headphones.

Samsung Galazy S9 Plus

On the other hand, Samsung offers a good low light camera, efficient fingerprint sensor and loud speakers. But you’ll have to put up with the fact it’s very similar to its predecessor, the AR Emoji mode isn’t that amazing and it’s incredibly expensive.

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