Apple Announces a Special Edition Red iPhone 8 and 8 Plus


Apple Announces a Special Edition Red iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

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Apple have brought out new models of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in red, and these phones aren’t just smart, stylish and the latest in cutting edge technology, they are for a good cause.
A portion of each sale of these new phones goes to the Global Fund to fight Aids and HIV, and the money is used on prevention, testing, counselling and treatment, so these new special edition phones are life-savers.

The red iPhones have been available since April 13th, 2018, and are proving popular.

The new special edition red iPhones have the same specs as the other iPhone 8s, and are different from the previous red iPhones in having a black front panel rather than the white one. The new red iPhones are said to have a beautiful red glass enclosure that goes well with the black front of the phone and together the red and black make for a sleek and stylish image.

The Red iPhone and iPhone plus continue an Apple tradition of Red devices to raise money for the Global Fund to fight Aids and HIV. A tradition that has raised at least $160 million so far. Prices for the new models start at $699, and were available for pre-order from April 10th, 2018, with stock reaching stores and online sales outlets on April 13th.

Apple have been using their Red Products to raise money for the World Fund for Aids and HIV since 2016, and the new Red iPhone and iPhone Plus are their latest commitment to this fundraising, and consumers can be assured that as well as getting the latest and sharpest technology in the smartest, latest and most stylish form, they are helping a global and vital effort to combat the global Aids and HIV problem.

11 years of Apple’s commitment to fighting HIV has made a significant difference to the production and distribution of the lifesaving drug, ARV, which prevents the HIV virus from being passed from mothers to their babies.

Apple show that as well as producing the most modern and stylish technology, they also use their resources to make a significant difference in the world, and that they have continued over a decade of commitment to caring for the less fortunate, and enabling their customers to be part of their significant efforts in this direction.

So what are the specs of the lifesaving new limited edition Red Apple iPhone and iPhone Plus? It is available in 64GB and 265GB models, both with new design durable glass and aliminium cases, retina display for the best graphics, an A11 chip Bionic chip for games, the highest quality dual camera 12 megapixel camera with studio portrait effects, and finally wireless charging, one of the most helpful steps forward in phone technology.

The new screen for this model is said to be incredible by reviewers, and adjusts to changing light conditions from indoors to outdoors, and has a wonderful colour range.
The photo and video quality with these phones is also recorded to be excellent. The bionic chip makes the phone one of the fastest and most powerful.

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